I need more info about automatic and unlimited likes service

Automatic like service

Your posts in the future will have likes automatically.

When you order this service, all posts from your account will automatically be analyzed by our system. Whenever your upload posts, our system recognize your posts and will add likes within 5 minutes to 1 hour.

> There is no time limit for posting images

(For example, let's suppose you ordered "I want to add 100 likes each on my upcoming 10 photos".  You can upload those 10 photos at once  or throughout the year)


#The service will be activated within 12 hours after your purchase.

# Any posts uploaded before activation will not be affected by our service. So it is recommended that you upload photos after 12 hours after purchase.


Unlimited One Month Service

Like automatic like service, it is a service where likes are automatically increased for posts uploaded in the future.

The only thing different is that there is no limit in uploading photos. Whether you upload 1 post or 15 posts in one day, all posts will be affected for a month.


#The service will be activated within 12 hours after your purchase.

# We hope you are in accordance with the Instagram's user agreements while using our service. For example, continuously uploading images each minute or such activities that is not allowed by Instagram's user agreements will suspend your Instagram account. Uploading 15 posts or below is recommended.

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