How do posts become "Top Post"?

Uploading pictures or videos to make "Top posts" is simple. Below is the link that explains the current Instagram algorithm.


A post can be easily shown on "Top Posts" with SNSHelper's Popular post package services as our accounts scroll Instagram feed, like other user posts, follow and unfollow people regularly. Our services increase the overall ranking of your accounts.


So, how much likes or views do I have to increase?

> That is different according to the competition of the hashtag. 

You need to analyze the count of likes or views on the posts that are already on the "Top Posts", and order more than those counts. Then your post will have higher chance to become on "Top Posts".

# Currently, IG's algorithm is processed as above. We hope you can use the contents above as a reference, however we cannot guarantee for "Top Posts" all the time.

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